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An open source operating system
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Good news: the news system is working! - 06-13-2000
We set up a news system which is automaticly updated.
Pascal Lacroix.
1000 visitors - 05-04-2000
New record, more than 1000 visitors since february!
Lacroix Pascal
New specifications - 05-04-2000
The new specifications of the kernel is being written.
Lacroix Pascal
New members page - 04-10-2000
A new page for the members of the group has been added.
Lacroix Pascal.
Web site update - 04-01-2000
The web site has been completly rebuilt.
Lacroix Pascal.
Precompiled floppy disk - 03-05-2000
A precompiled floppy disk is available. You can now test the system quickly by "copying" this image on a floppy.
Lacroix Pascal
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